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I humbly ask for your vote as we select our representation in the Maryland House of Delegates for District 30A.  Running for public office is no small thing.  It’s much larger than the individual because that person embodies the hopes and aspirations of so many more.  That’s why this is a private decision with very public consequences and so I approach it with the gravity and respect it deserves.

My decision to run for this office has been made after careful consideration of the needs of this district and this state. I believe that my life and my experiences are similar in many ways to the average person, the person that needs to be represented in this state’s legislature.

My decision to be a candidate for the House of Delegates rests in large measure on a sense of common identity:  I believe that this community, deserves a delegate genuinely representative of this community. I use the word community to refer to the people in District 30A because we are truly all in this together. Our children may be in school together and play on the same sports teams.  We may work together and attend the same religious institutions.  We may support each other’s businesses and drive the same congested roads.  We may greet each other at the Senior Centers or wave to each other at the grocery store. This is our home, yours and mine.  I can think of no greater public honor than representing our shared home in the House of Delegates, and I sincerely ask for you to send me there as one of your own.

Upcoming Events

May 2014

May 14th Stan & Joes West St. - Happy Hour 6-8pm

May 16th, 1:30pm - Baywoods Candidate Meet & Greet

May 18th, 5pm-8pm Jeremy Ragsdale  Studio Reception

May 20th, 7pm-8:30pm Severn House Meet the Candidate

June 2014

June 5th, 3pm- Heritage Harbour

June 19th - William Paca House

June 12th - 19th Early Voting

June 24th - Election Day

July 2013

July 4th Annapolis Parade

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